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Makers Diet Revolution

Maker’s Diet Revolution is here ……. ¬†at Jordan’s phone meeting, he introduced concepts behind his new book,

Maker’s Diet Revolution.

He says that ‘revolution’ implies starting over, about taking health to the next level, about
how to lose weight and have more energy. He outlined 3 overriding principles:
1 Eat what God created.
2 Don’t alter God’s design
3 Don’t make food your addictionJordan Rubin Makers Diet Revolution

The main thrust of the new Revolution takes the form of cleansing and building in any form that
suits you.
Cleansing includes 10 days every quarter, 3 days monthly and 1 day weekly.
Start with 1 day, he says – Monday is a good place to start – don’t eat till noon and then eat
all that you usually eat in a day, between noon and 6 or 7.

He spoke about the Daniel Diet that he introduced in January as well as all the beverage drinks
that are acceptable to be drinking on cleansing days.

Have you tried Suero Vive?
More to come ……….